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Wholesale Fashion Dresses for Women

Leah and Tony definitely used some great color. With Leah's hot pink over-ruffled confection of a Samba costume, I was glad to see a complimentary color (slate blue) for Tony's outfit. The narrow strips of hot pink cemented their costumes as a couple, while bordering on a little too ‘costumey'. Leah's costume was very wide – perhaps too wide. The saving grace was that the tendril ruffles didn't all end at the same horizontal line, creating some diagonal lines. I did give Leah a 9 out of 10 (with some reservations) and gave Tony an 8 out of 10, just because it wasn't totally sophisticated.DWTS long gown dress Season 17: Week 2 Costume Critique

"Latin Night" on week 2 of this season's Dancing Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie With the Stars, and a new format with only one night per week this time around. I think we were ALL surprised to see Keyshawn go home. BUT, we just need to remember that it is a popularity contest and the best dancers don't always make it to the next round.

Keyshawn and Sharna did have the worst costumes, though, in my opinion. The windowpane check of Keyshawn's Samba shirt wasn't very attractive, but was much better looking than Sharna's white satin dress with matching windowpane hem and skirt lining. Ugh! I gave the couple a total of 13 out of 20 possible points. Boring and not pleasing to the eye!

Everyone else really looked good in their costumes. Who ‘Wow-ed' me? Karina looked fabulous in her plaid pleated skirt and dainty white leotard with lace ruffles at the shoulder. Corbin and Karina Jived and were theme-costumed in red and white, cute outfits. No border-line sleazy or skimpy for Karina this week – it was so refreshing to see!

I wasn't a fan of Jack's boring satin un-tucked black shirt, but Cheryl's one-shouldered bat-wing sleeved Rumba costume was beautiful and flattering, (including incorporating a black strap). I didn't care to see her belly button indentation under her sheer mesh midriff area, but otherwise, it was a top-notch costume.

I thought that Valerie was stuck in a Paso Doble costume that was too old for her, but Tristan was HOT in his double-breasted, short textured black vest with black lace-over-red shawl collar. His look was very dapper, and something most guys could pull off.

Something not all ladies could pull off, was Emma's itsy-bitsy yellow, polka-dotted middle-connect costume with really short, ruffled skirt, and ‘real' bra-back. She looked great and Bill E. coordinated beautifully with his ‘stoned' yellow tie and basic shirt, pant and suspenders (also stoned).

Bill N. and Tyne created a themed Paso Doble performance. I enjoyed Bill's wild hair and his Edwardian vest and shirt. I didn't enjoy Tyne's purple ruffled dress so much – it was pretty ordinary, presentable but nothing to get too excited about.

Both Christina and Mark were ‘large and in charge' with their punkish Paso Doble costumes. The ‘Queen' theme is recurring with many of our custom-designed dance team costumes this season, with our high schools! I really enjoyed Mark's take on an ‘edgy' tuxedo look, and Christina's one-side covered one-side bare look was inspiring. The mixing of all types of fabrics and trims really ‘made' the costumes. These types of costumes work on young, edgy dancers but wouldn't be so appropriate on dancers ‘of size' or ‘or a certain age'.

Another pleasing pair, was Elizabeth and Val with their Samba routine. Val has been seen in this particular outfit before, or at least something very similar, so it wasn't a ‘wow' for me, but nice looking. Elizabeth's monochromatic costume of all red was beautiful. Again, the texturing of the red fabrics and trims created pleasing details that gave her costume class and sophistication. I gave her a 9 out of 10.

And I'm shocked again…Snooki…OK, maybe I need to start calling her Nicole, as she is really looking classy in her dance costumes! I loved her Samba costume, and her partner, Sasha's as well. I gave them both a 9 out of 10. Nicole's black lace over white leotard was nice, and the white drape over and across her chest and then becoming an asymmetrical skirt was top-notch. It didn't over power her tiny body and you still saw her shape. The added black panels on Sasha's tuxedo shirt added some interest to this traditional look of white shirt and black pant.

I wasn't enamored, but enjoyed Peta's mid-night blue, Rumba costume even though the lingerie look was a little skimpy. I did like her dolman-sleeved, open backed caftan sort of overdress with the lace banding across her shoulders was a nice detail. I gave this couple each an 8 out of 8. Brant's outfit was 'so so'.

I gave the same score to Amber and Derek for their Jive costumes. Derek incorporated some color into his sport coat and Amber was pretty and presentable. It's just that neither costume was a ‘wow' for me.

So some costume surprises, along with ‘bottom 3' and ‘going home' surprises for this week. What will next week bring?

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Wholesale Sexy Halloween Costume For Women

Marilu was beautiful in her modest maroon long-sleeved, turtleneck-collared tango dress with deep zig-zag seaming, attaching her maroon charmeuse satin skirt. Her bodice was encrusted with matching rhinestones. Derek wore a matching maroon, double-breasted velvet vest over his black and pant. They were elegant and sophisticated. And both couples danced beautifully.DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 23: Week 3 Costume Critique

Oh my! What a night, for this week's edition of swimwear manufacturer Dancing with the Stars! The most fun part of the show was the Tango performed by Presidential candidates, Hilary and Donald. I hope you didn't miss it! I think I heard that Minnesota's Alan, wore the Donald mask: great job injecting a little humor about the ‘big debate'! There was plenty of debating on the show, about which team won the ‘Face Off Challenge' for immunity, this week, but we did see some good dancing and plenty of good costuming. There was only one costume that I really hated. Babyface and Allison started out the show with a Jive, wearing very sophisticated Jive costumes. A bedazzled, gold and nude-toned middle-connect leotard with dazzling, dangling gold beads added lots of movement for Allison. Babyface was totally debonair in his matching gold lame suit jacket with traditional black tuxedo trousers (side stripes of the gold lame) and white shirt. Black detailing on his jacket added definition and class.

Jana and Gleb wore more traditional Jive costumes, wholesale halloween costumes referencing the 1950's with Jana in a sweetheart necklined bra-top with a hot pink 50's dirndl skirt with white petticoat underneath. Gleb's rolled up short sleeved shirt featured large white polka dots on hot pink, and if you looked closely, a scattering of the large dots were circled in rhinestones. Similar polka dotted fabric was used in a cutesy bow, and trimmed the waistband and bra-top straps for Jana, to coordinate their costumes. These costumes should be relatively easy to duplicate.

Then the Paso Doble Face Off started with Rick and Emma in traditional matador costuming for Rick and a relatively traditional organza ruffled costume for Emma. Black and white were the chosen colors. Personally, I am not a fan of white lace pasted on a black costume – I prefer a little more subtleness. But the lace on Rick's jacket and sides of his trousers was a very traditional decoration. The white detailing, horizontally on his cummerbund was not attractive – I never think it's a good idea to emphasize your waistline this way. I would have left it plain – or maybe add some jet rhinestones for some added glitz. Emma' asymmetrical costume bodice with 3-D appliques was attractive, but the fullness of her skirt was overwhelming – just too much!

Vanilla Ice and Witney provided an alternative to the traditional, with more sophisticated and ‘fashion forward' black costumes for their Paso Doble dance. Worn with traditional black tuxedo trousers, Vanilla was very stylish in his quilted leather motorcycle jacket with lots of studs and zipper detailing. Unfortunately he wore a coordinating trucker's cap (of which I am not a fan… So he isn't hiding his tax returns or emails, but I'm wondering the status of his hair?) Witney wore a delightful, semi-sheer ankle-length panel skirt with mesh long sleeves and a stoned, corseted midriff section. Their costumes coordinated well.

The next Face Off was the Cha Cha, performed by James and Sharna and then Ryan and Cheryl. Both professional dancers wore brief and beautiful mesh enhanced costumes that showed off their lovely figures. Both costumes included lots of glitzy beading and rhinestones. I enjoyed Cheryl's gunmetal off-the-shoulder beaded fringe detail more than Sharna's deep blue, skimpier lingerie-inspired/architectural leotard costume – but they were both exquisitely designed and constructed.

Both guy's costumes were more subdued, with a relatively simple gunmetal button-down shirt for Ryan and a blue suit with black shirt, with a sprinkling of rhinestones on the shoulders. Both ensembles were classy, and could be worn by amateur dancers of any statue.

The next successful Face Off was Terra and Sasha and Calvin and Lindsay dancing the Viennese Waltz. Both couples were very debonair in their coordinating costumes. The costume staff at DWTS is doing a very nice job creating sophisticated and pretty costumes for Terra. Again, this week her pastel blue gown was very flattering with ruching on her bodice, lovely rhinestone detailing and a very danceable, flowing, double-georgette skirt. The proportion worked well for her, and a similar costume for most any of us, would also be considered sophisticated and pretty. Sasha wore a matching light blue, open, button-down shirt over black trousers.

Lindsay wore a pink satin charmeuse middle-connect costume with a side view with one of my ‘pet peeves' – the front bra area just ends up in a point, with a nude strap across the back, connecting to the other side. If you need a secure strap here, decorate it, or design the side view better, so it doesn't look like the costume stops ‘in the middle of nowhere'. The ruching bodice detailing created a beautifully feminine costume. And guys look great in pink: Calvin's textured pink sports jacket with black accents was very dapper, coordinated with his black trousers. Both Face Off couples looked sophisticated. The Salsa Face Off was not as successful, although I enjoyed Maureen's fluffy turquoise ruffled Salsa costume and coordinating rhinestoned turquoise shirt over white trousers, for Artem. Maureen's costume had plenty of organza and satin charmeuse ruffles, but didn't seem to overwhelm her, as I felt Emma's did. This pretty costume included the off-the-shoulder neckline and is a more traditional Latin dance costume. The sprinkling of rhinestones was well done on both costumes.Len was not impressed with the amount of Salsa in Amber Rose and Maks' routine – "too much hip-hop" he stated. And I was not impressed by their costumes. Maks wore ‘street' clothes with his open black and white checked shirt (with a few rhinestones) and jeans. OK. But then Amber Rose wore some unfortunate high-rise jean shorts with some odd decorations on them, with shiny pastel spandex leggings, with some rhinestoning on them. Her top – which I DID like, was encrusted with thousands of rhinestones, and was attractive. Yes, I realize that her ‘booty' was the emphasis of the words of the song, and then of course also with the choreography.But really, her outfit was NOT flattering or attractive. As a costume designer, when I see something that I truly dislike, I do try and come up with a more attractive alternative. I am having trouble with this dance costume dilemma, but maybe simple jeans to match Maks, with some vertical bedazzling to take a little of the emphasis off of her ‘booty'? But…maybe I'm just jealous because I personally have absolutely NO ‘booty' (and I wish I did – but have none, thanks to male ancestors in my family)!

Thankfully the final Tango Face Off was better costumed! Laurie and Val wore beautiful costumes, in the Tango flavor – both in black. Laurie, despite being only 16, didn't look too ‘grown up' in her lingerie inspired costume which included real back straps. And Val was dashing in his all black ensemble.

Custom dance costume creation can sometimes be a daunting task, but I'm thrilled that the designers and staff at DWTS generally do a magnificent job. Each week it is a real treat to see what they come up with.

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Wholesale Sexy Corset Manufacturer

A well-made corset has a very carefully balanced corsets wholesale fit: to create a beautiful shape that is actually wearable by a human requires great attention to the distribution of ease and negative ease. The lacing and lacing gap allows for fine-tuning of the fit on an individual basis without requiring a fully bespoke corset. Much has been written about bra fit, but what defines fit for a corset? Pop Antique Vixen ribbon corset | Model: Nicole Simone | Photo © Max Johnson

As a corsetmaker, I firmly believe Sexy Clubwear that one never stops learning about fit. There are always new ways to address the uniqueness of each body or to make a standard fit style with greater comfort. Theres also a relationship between fit and construction, and each wearer and maker will have their own opinions and preferences. With all that in mind, Id like to start with some basics, focusing on what fit looks like in a corset. This is the method of fit analysis I use when working for my corsetry mentor, Dark Garden, who has the benefit of essentially a full run of basic corsets in every style and size combination for fitting, and when fitting models for my own line Pop Antique, where I use my smaller library of existing samples. Placement of the corset
In my article on lacing mistakes, I discussed how important it is to make sure the corset is properly anchored on the skeletal waistline. Youll want the corset to be settled just between the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your pelvis for maximum compression and comfort. It may migrate (usually up) as you lace in or throughout the course of the day, so you might give a little tug at the top or bottom of center front to adjust it back into position. Pop Antique Bombshell corset | Model: Olivia Campbell | Photo © Marianne Faulkner

Top of corset: bust or underbust
The top of the corset should lay snugly against the body. It should be tightened such that it neither gaps (stands away from the body) nor cuts in (creating a muffin effect). Particularly at the side of the rib cage (or top of the bust) you want to make sure that it is laying smooth and flush. With a plus size figure, sometimes the underbust may look flush, but as there is more compressible flesh, the ribs can be tightened more. Even so, try to avoid over-tightening (at any size) as it will create a roll at the back of the corset. Tightening the underbust properly will further emphasize the waist and hipline, rather than eclipsing it. If a corset cuts in at the back but is gapping at the sides, it may have the right circumference but be the wrong shape for your body and posture. This can always be covered with a bolero if youre not in a position to have the fit at least partially personalized for your body. Dark Garden Valentine overbust corset | Model: Nicole Simone | Photo © Joel Aron

Corsets are cut with negative ease at the waist: they are smaller than the body they go onto. Thus, the lacing has to be adjusted each time the corset is put on or taken off. Stretch garments also have negative ease, but the stretch is what allows you to put them on without fiddling with a closure. The give in a corset comes from the lacing. If the lacing has stretch, it wont work, and if the corset is loose enough to come off immediately, it is too big! Boning and waist reduction should be spaced as to avoid creating pressure points. Size-wize, everyone compresses differently and each brand allows for varying degrees of reduction. For a starting reduction, look for a shapely corset that is 4-6 smaller than their natural waist, to be worn with roughly a 2 lacing gap. If youre looking for more dramatic shaping and compression, you can use the guideline of a 15% reduction, minus your lacing gap. Corset sizes from about 30 can wear a lacing gap up to 4 wide. Of course, you should always check in with your corsetiere of choice, but this gives you a starting point! (Note that these numbers wont apply with budget corsetry, which often is cut with a tube-like shape less shapely than your body might already be, uncorseted.) If you have the opportunity to try on a corset before buying, hang out in it for as long as is reasonable. Your body may settle within the first 15 minutes, but as a day wears on it could reverse course into discomfort. Dollymop for Dark Garden Cavalry corset | Model: Autumn Adamme | Photo © Joel Aron

Bottom of corset: hips
Another of the lacing mistakes I mentioned earlier is over-lacing the hips. I like to fit people with the corset once again visually flush against their body, but this time with enough room to get a couple fingers inside the bottom edge. This allows the hips to expand when you walk and sit down. Of course, some people prefer the feeling of additional compression around their hips, even if it results in a visually too-tight corset, and thats perfectly acceptable, too. As a starting point, though, I like to start with a smooth line. Pop Antique Demoiselle underbust corset | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © Alyxander Ryan

The lacing gap
The lacing gap is critical to the fit of a corset. Whether or not you prefer to lace your corsets fully closed or leave a gap is a personal choice. A small historic study did show that a lacing gap averaging 2 was standard in the Victorian corset-wearing heyday. Some find the pressure of boning along the spine to be excessive while others find it supportive. Having a gap at the center back, in my experience, allows for the center back line of the corset to lay smoothly more easily, as well as allowing for greater variance in the degree of reduction and any size fluctuation. Its a common fallacy that the shape of the gap must be absolutely parallel: a variance of up to 2 total is perfectly fine if necessary to create a good fit. (For example, 1 at the ribs, 2 at the waist, 3 at the hips.) Its far more important for the hips and ribs to lay flush with comfortable pressure at the waist than to create a parallel gap. You may find that having the gap shape angled may actually improve the level of comfort and back support you get from your corsets. Dark Garden bespoke Waspie being broken in. Via @popantique on Instagram.

Breaking in a corset
Sometimes when fitting a corset, Ill see that theres a bit of looseness through the ribs and hips, but the gap is correspondingly a bit wider. If Im fitting a corset for a sale, then Ill know that once the corset is properly broken in (much the way a pair of shoes breaks in), it will lay well against the body with an appropriate gap size. Diagonal dimpling in the fabric also relaxes as the fabric molds around the body.

If your eyes havent glazed over yet, next week I will go into greater depth in discussing corset fit, specifically regarding the bust and vertical measurements. Do you have any corset fit questions youd like to see addressed?

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Corset Fit 101

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